Flour & Feed Factory Automation

We control and report on the time it takes for a raw material to pass from the entrance to the exit, and the processes it sees through an automation program. As for what these are, we can classify them under the following headings.
• Raw material entry procedures
Raw material definitions
Liquid raw materials
Premix additives
Silo definitions
Dosage silos
Liquid tanks
Premix silos
Horizontal warehouses
Steel silos
Semi-finished silos
Finished silos
• Transfer transactions
1. Bleaching the steel and raw material dosage silo
2. Between liquid evacuation and reserve tanks
3. Dosage silanoline with silobus system
4. Raw material transfer between in-plant silos
5. Transfer of blended semi-finished or finished silo
6. Transfer of semi-finished silos to finished silos
7. Transfer of finished product to bulk or bag
• Dosing system
1. Recipe identification
2. Automatic recipe transfer from the recipe ration program
3. Manufacturing plan
4. Multiple dosing
5. Adjustable speed control based on raw material
6. Main dosage, Premix and liquid additives blended according to prescription content
7. Production reports
8. Stock information
9. SAP, ERP integration of production reports
10. Communication with accounting programs
• Grinding, Mixing, Melting, Oil coating, Granule
1. Optimization of production according to manufacturing plan
2. Current and control
3. Adjusting the mixing times according to the recipe
4. Dosage by measuring melas and fat instantaneously in accordance with the prescription
Trend tracking and reporting
• Pelleting
1. Temperature control
2. Current control
3. Capacity control
4. Integration with expander, Boa compactor, hygienist
Trend tracking
6. Granulation
7. Oil coating
8. Trend tracking reporting
• Product shipment
1. Preparation of casting tool according to order
2. Weighing scales and dispatch printing
3. Set and control the number of bags according to order
4. Reporting
We add our applications and services that support our automation system;
• Assembly and Assembly Supervision
• Documentation
• Education
• Customer Technical Support, maintenance and service
• Motion Control Systems
• PLC, SCADA, HMI software and program software services
• Automation Panolari production
• Project and engineering services - Factory Electricity Project and Commitment
• Power panel production
• Compensation Panolari production
• Plant Compensation Control
• Panel Assembly (Power - PLC - Distributed I / O)
• Programming and Dealing